The Instructors

The Instructors

All instructors have gone through comprehensive training programs requiring at least 500 hours of coursework and practice training hours.  At 3cPilates, instructors are encouraged to be creative with their classes and vary their workouts while following the key principles of the Pilates Method.



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Jan Berthy

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Owner – Jan Berthy trained to become an instructor through Balanced Body, Inc., with Karen Sanzo, PT, at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, TX.  Jan has training in Pilates Mat Beginner/Advanced, Pilates Apparatus 1,2, and 3 (tower, chair and barrel), Reformer 1, 2 and 3, and Anatomy. Jan also obtained a B.S. Degree from Louisiana State University in 1986 majoring in Quantitative Business Analysis with a focus on Computer Information Management. She left her Information Technology career in 2000 to be a stay at home mom. Jan discovered a passion for Pilates as a client leading to her certification training with Balanced Body, Inc.

“Pilates helped me personally to eliminate shoulder and back pain, tone my body and has proven to be a great method for dealing with stress.  I knew I wanted to share this method others.  I look forward to helping you along your journey.”


Catherine Anderson


Catherine, PMA®-CPT, has been a movement “technician” her whole life. She graduated from the University of Arizona, and danced professionally until she found her true calling— teaching people how to move better, feel better, and achieve overall health.  She has been actively teaching pilates for over 20 years, and has been a successful studio owner of Studio 4 Pilates in Half Moon Bay, California for the last 15 years. She is on faculty for Fletcher Pilates, mentoring others in the art of teaching and is a sought after presenter at national conferences and workshops. Catherine has a depth of professional experience and works with a variety of clients from novice movers and rehab clients to elite professional athletes.  She specializes in utilizing a “brain based lens” to offer her clients a customized neurobiomechanical approach to exercise and movement performance. She is also a certified Z-Health Performance Trainer. Although teaching is her passion, she loves spending time with her active family of 4 kiddos and husband.


Arlyane Dahlin


Certified Pilates Instructor- Balanced Body, Inc. – Pilates Unlimited.  B.A. Degree Dallas Baptist University majoring in Business and Kinesiology.  Arlyane offers 12 years experience instructing any age group or fitness level leading to an enriched quality of movement and a journey of strength, length and muscle tone.  Your Pilates commitment will increase your oxygen intake, balance, flexibility, joint mobility and posture creating a strong core for increased energy and stamina.  You will find yourself enjoying and committed to the adventure of continuous growth.  Arlyane is an example that Pilates is a sustainable exercise for any age group or any fitness level leading to an enriched quality of life.


Emily Armstrong


Emily brings more than 11 years of Pilates instruction experience. She taught Mat throughout college while pursuing a bachelor’s in economics. After college, she continued to build her Pilates skillset as a reformer instructor in Maryland and Virginia. In 2012, she accelerated her training by receiving certifications in Reformer 1 & 2, Cadillac/Tower, Anatomy, Mat 1, and Mat 2 from the well-regarded Balanced Body University in California.

Now in Texas, she enjoys working with all clients from novice to advanced. As an easy-going person, Emily connects well with every client on an individual level, helping them feel comfortable and confident while also motivating them to challenge themselves to meet their goals.

“Every day I wake up grateful for my health, family, and life. I believe that it’s important to walk gently and have empathy, no matter what I do. And I can’t wait to help inspire growth and change in you!”


Heather Atendido


Heather Atendido trained to become an instructor through Balanced Body, Inc. under Karen Sanzo, PT at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, TX. Heather has training in Pilates Mat Beginner/Advanced, Pilates Apparatus 1,2, and 3 (tower, chair and barrel), Reformer 1, 2 and 3, and Anatomy.

Heather began her career receiving a BA in Business Administration from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. She landed a job at a pharmaceutical firm, and became a successful salesperson. However, plans changed when she had her twin daughters and decided to become a stay-at-home mom.   In 2010, she stumbled across Pilates looking for a way to tone up during motherhood.  She had discovered a passion in this benefit-rich exercise method. Two short years after starting, Heather began training as a Pilates instructor.

“Of all the perks of being an instructor, I most enjoy seeing people fall in love with Pilates and begin their journey towards incredible health. I’m excited to help you start your own path.”


Karen Bowman, Orthopedic Specialist

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Maxine Chappell

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Beth Chenoweth

Beth trained to become an instructor through Balanced Body, Inc., with Karen Sanzo, PT, at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, TX.  She has training in Pilates Mat Beginner/Advanced, Reformer 1, and 2, and 3, Apparatus 1,2, and 3 (tower, chair and barrel) and Anatomy.


EJ Madriaga


EJ has been involved with movement all throughout his life. He has coached young athletes through functional training and played basketball collegiately as well. He has suffered many injuries which led him to take the Qualified Fletcher Pilates Program in 2014, which includes 500+ hrs of practice. Currently, he is pursuing to achieve his  PMA®-CPT and NASM Certification while continuing his education. He enjoys the critical thinking of teaching a wide variety of clients from beginners to professional athletes. He brings 5 years of experience teaching under Catherine Anderson at Studio 4 Pilates in Half Moon Bay, California. His passion is to help others achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through movement.


Patti Curry


Patti graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  She was introduced to Pilates in the early 1980’s in Tucson, Arizona.  When a teacher training class was started in Tucson by two instructors trained through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, she was invited to join the training.  Patti finished her training in 2004 which included 580 hours of instructor training in mat and equipment from beginning to advanced and she has been teaching Pilates classes since then. She continues to stay current through study and continuing education classes. Her teaching experience includes teaching Pilates mat work and equipment to a wide-range of skill levels from beginners to more advanced students/clients and in a wide-range of venues from academic, fitness clubs, private studios, and at her church.  She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Additionally, Patti is certified by the Egoscue University as a Postural Alignment Specialist of The Egoscue Method and has taught group classes based on this method.  Since good alignment goes hand in hand with Pilates, she often will introduce a postural exercise into her Pilates classes to enhance the Pilates experience.

“Pilates is a wonderful way to strengthen and align the body to move in the way we were designed to move.  I love teaching and helping people to re-discover proper alignment and to gain more strength and flexibility through the Pilates Method.”—- Patti

Trisha Jensen

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Trisha trained to become an instructor through Balanced Body, Inc., with Karen Sanzo, PT, at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, TX.  She has training in Pilates Mat Beginner/Advanced, Reformer 1, and 2, and Anatomy.

Debbie Silva

Debbie is currently training through Balanced Body Inc., under Karen Sanzo, PT and Pilates unlimited in Dallas, TX.  She is a full time office manager for a chiropractic office in Grapevine.  Debbie is also a Naturopath and Digestive Specialist graduating from the Trinity School of Natural Health and the Loomis Institute.

“Movement is everything.  The mind body connection of Pilates makes it more than exercise.  It gets you through every day life with ease emotionally and physically.”