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We offer a variety of classes throughout the day. To schedule a class click here


I encourage everyone to start with an understanding of Pilates mat exercises, a series of well-balanced movements performed sometimes with props for added challenge. Focus is on breath, strength, control, precision, awareness of movement, alignment and flexibility. These fun and challenging exercises, once learned, can be done at home or wherever you go. Mat classes are often considered the foundation of a solid Pilates practice. In combination with apparatus work, you have a perfectly balanced program. Click here for more details on mat classes.


The apparatus provides spring resistance strength training that is impact free. It helps to develop long, lean, flexible muscles, improve alignment and postural issues, provide relief from chronic back, neck, and joint pain and increase energy and stamina. We will be using the Reformer, Tower, and Combo chair in our equipment classes. We have new top of the line Balanced Body equipment. Click here for more detail on equipment classes.

Private Sessions

For those new to Pilates or needing one on one training. You can also have private training in small groups of 2 or more. Click here for more detail on private appointments.